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Why should you begin training with ACK?

Health benefits- Regular Physical exercise helps control weight, prevent disease, improve mood, boost energy, promotes better sleep, and it can be fun!

Discipline- For children and adults the style of Martial Arts practice we promote teaches respect, self-control and discipline.  We emphasize the importance of school work along with respect for teachers and parents.

Confidence- Regular exercise undisputedly promotes confidence men and women of all ages.  Increased coordination and strength leads to an increase in mental confidence and also coincides with a more confident physical posture.  People who carry themselves more confidently are less likely to be selected by a predator because they no longer look like a victim.

Safety- Improved awareness of your surroundings along with the ability to defend yourself and avoid situations where you would need to.  If you only need your training once in your life it will be worth every minute.

Plus, it's fun!  We work hard, and maintain a high level of discipline throughout the class structure, but at American Colleges of Karate you are family and we value the time we spend together training!

For more information call us today to schedule a free class in our El Cajon studio.  

We look forward to meeting you!

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