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Exclusive Offer


Email A1DEMO@MSN.com or call us at 619-957-5273 to take advantage of this offer. **NO SOLICITORS**

Welcome to American Colleges of Karate

East County's best resource for self-defense in El Cajon

American Colleges of Karate is dedicated to bringing the best of quality self-defense and martial arts training possible to California.  Located in the city of El Cajon and serving San Diego for over 15 years. We have only the best and most qualified instructors. We are available 24 hours a day to fit your every need. We are the only school in California sanctioned by the AAm Ka Jutsu Association and approved to teach AAm Ka Jutsu.

What We Do

The American Colleges of Karate teaches the unique style known as AAM-KA-JUTSU. This style is an approach to self-defense that blends techniques from across the Martial Arts spectrum to help the student adapt their defense to different situations.

This approach to self-defense blends techniques from across the Martial Arts spectrum to help the student adapt their defense to different situations. A proven and effective method of Martial Arts since 1968. At the American Colleges of Karate (or "A.C.K.", as we call it).  The style range of AAM-KA-JUTSU covers a wide variety of modified techniques. It can incorporate most of the other traditional styles to its own, modified so that your body can adapt to techniques with maximum efficiency.

Our students come from all walks of life, and are taught by our top-quality Black Belts. Even though "Karate" is used in our title, AAM-KA-JUTSU, as stated earlier, covers an extreme variety of martial arts. Among other traditional styles, Judo is a key ingredient, dealing with falls, rolls (forward and backward) and throws, among other things. We teach a variety of self-defense, the "Hard Techniques" (very effective) as well as the "Soft Techniques" of Aikido, a rather "soft" but equally effective martial art. There is also training in Kickboxing; complete with Gloves, pads, etc. As stated previously, AAM-KA-JUTSU covers a very WIDE range of style; all of it trained for the optimum use of the physical body.The physical training, or "kumite" is primary to what we teach, but not exclusive. Katas, or Forms, are important as well. 

If you like what you see here contact us for more information on how YOU can be a part of the A.C.K. "family".

We would be happy to have you here with us!

El Cajon | American Colleges of Karate |  619-957-5273

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